NIWA offers well-equipped, safe and efficient vessel platforms to suit a wide range of scientific research, survey and marine engineering requirements, from small-scale inshore surveys to deep-sea voyages to remote, inhospitable environments such as Antarctica.  

Operating as a limited liability company, NIWA Vessel Management Ltd’s connection to NIWA Ltd provides access to world-leading science expertise.

NIWA Vessels

NIWA's vessels are world-class environmental monitoring and research platforms.


NIWA leads many ocean research voyages from the tropical waters of the Pacific to Antarctica. This page highlights some of these voyages.

Applying for RV Tangaroa voyage time

The Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), through the Strategic Science Investment Fund (SSIF), has contracted NIWA to provide access to RV Tangaroa for the next four years (up to 2029/20) as a national research facility.