High Performance Computing Facility

Greater computing power is leading to more accurate environmental forecasting and modelling across the world. NIWA performs world class climate, ocean and weather related hazards modelling. 

NIWA's High Performance Computing Facility (HPCF) is the 'scientific tool' that is enabling New Zealand scientists to work at the forefront of some of the largest scientific challenges facing our nation, as well as underpin our contributions to global research efforts across a wide range of disciplines.

The HPCF includes a capability class supercomputer (FitzRoy) and test system (Barometer), significant disk and tape storage, and dedicated servers for pre and post-processing tasks.

The HPCF is being used to further advance our understanding of the complex physical and biophysical components of our climate, weather, land-surface, freshwater and marine systems. It will enable New Zealanders to better adapt to a warming future climate, maximise the value of the resources provided by our present climate for horticulture and agriculture, efficiently manage our renewable energy resources, ensure that freshwater resources are understood and sustainably managed, reduce our exposure to weather related hazards, and improve ocean resource management.

The HPCF is also a component of the National eScience Infrastructure (NeSI – www.nesi.org.nz ) and may therefore be used by any New Zealand scientist.

The HPCF was installed in a custom computer hall at NIWA's Wellington Campus in June 2010 and doubled in size in August 2013. It is expected to be replaced in the 2016/17 time frame.

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HPCF Systems Engineer Fabrice Cantos working at a systems consul in the HPCF Computer Hall. [NIWA]
Four of the eight 144 port Qlogic Infiniband switches, and optical cables,  in FitzRoy. [NIWA]
Replacing a memory DIMM in one of the water cooled p575/p6 nodes in FitzRoy. [NIWA]
Research subject: CoastsOceans