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It’s a colourful life under the Antarctic ice

The rich diversity of marine life near Scott Base in Antarctica has stunned scientists diving under the ice to set up environmental monitoring sites.

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Combining measurements of greenhouse gases in the air above New Zealand with models that tell where those gases have come from, CarbonWatch NZ is giving us a bird's eye view of our country’s carbon balance.

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New Zealand 2019 climate summary

NIWA climate scientist Nava Fedaeff presents the NIWA annual climate summary for New Zealand 2019. See the 2019 Annual Climate Summary for all the details.

Perilous puerulus – the epic life of the spiny red rock lobster

Sam Fraser-Baxter heads to the Wairarapa for one of New Zealand’s longest-running marine surveys – counting baby lobster.

Weathering new technology in Tonga

There are about 800km between the southern and northern tips of Tonga - and a lot of ocean.

Ten years of the weather with you

In the past 10 years, more weather records have been broken than in any other time in New Zealand’s history.